Meal Plan & Prep October 6-12

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This week’s meal plan was based on my new grocery budget. I’m challenging myself to spend $100/week on groceries. Steve and I have been saving & pay off debt since January. One of our biggest expenses is groceries. I’m hoping to reduce our grocery bill and put the difference into our savings account. We shall see how it goes…

I shopped at Aldi and a local farm for all of this week’s groceries. I bought everything that was on sale. I also planned recipes that used similar ingredients. I spent about $94. I still need to buy a pork roast for Friday’s dinner, but hopefully they go on sale Wednesday.

The Plan:





Tuna salad

over Spinach

Caprese Turkey Quinoa Casserole


All Week:

  • Vanilla Yogurt

  • Pumpkin Oats

  • Eggs

Butternut Squash, Apple & Chicken Hash

Crock Pot

Chicken, Kale & Sweet Potato Soup


Beef & Cabbage

Baked Pesto Chicken


Shrimp Teriyaki

stir fry

Parmesan Tilapia & Green Beans


Chicken, Kale & Sweet Potato Skillet Meal

Crock Pot Carnitas

& Brown Rice





Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes



The Recipes:


  • Nature’s Path Original Hot Cereal (plain oatmeal) with a scoop of pumpkin & lots of pumpkin pie spice. Bought the oats at Big Lots for $2.00/box with using a 20% off coupon.
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes – I got the idea from here. I bought a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix ($3 at Big Lots w/ coupon). I got a bag of chocolate chips for less than $2 at Aldi and a can of pumpkin for 89 cents at Aldi.


  • Tuna Salad of Spinach – I bought tuna at Aldi (69 cents a can), added plain Greek yogurt, relish, diced onion and celery, and mustard. I put the tuna over fresh spinach I bought at the farm for $2 a bag.
  • Butternut Squash, Apple & Chicken Hash (I substituted chicken for the bacon)
  • Beef & Cabbage
  • Shrimp Stir Fry – I already had 1/2 a bag of frozen stir fry veggies so I cooked these in a pan,  added shrimp, and teriyaki sauce.
  • Chicken, Kale and Sweet Potatoes – I chopped a large sweet potato and then partially cooked it in the microwave. I heated coconut oil in a skillet. Once hot I added the sweet potato and a lot of chopped kale. I stirred and cooked until the kale was wilted and the potatoes were crispy. I added this to cooked chicken.



  1. First I diced 5 pounds of chicken breast. I heated coconut oil in a pan and cooked the chicken in batches. Cook long enough to get crispy and browned. Then I divided the chicken into four containers (two for steve, two for me).
  2. Next I made the butternut squash & apple and added it to the chicken in the containers.
  3. Then I made the kale & sweet potato and added it to the remaining chicken containers.
  4. I made the beef & cabbage. While it cooked I made the tuna salad and then the shrimp & veggies.
  5. Once all the lunch entrees were cooked and divided into containers, I added fruit & veggies.
  6. I prepped Monday’s casserole and put it into the refrigerator.
  7. Cleaned up and was done!

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